Rap is arguably one of the most creative art forms in music. We can combine powerful words and phrases, with intricate and complex rhyme schemes, all delivered in a melodic and rhythmic structure, which captivates the heart and soul of the listener. Having all those options and possibilities of being creative, rap artists get confused and often limit themselves, as to how they rap.


A person who has studied the rap art form and its deepest details, realizes that rapping is not as easy as people make it out to be and when done properly, it’s transcendental. Transcendental for the soul and for the emotions of the people listening to it.

Story Telling

You can tell your story in a rap song.

You can share your experiences, no matter good or bad, give your point of view and your way of life. This aspect makes people relate. That’s why rappers have followers and other artists have fans.


Rappers reveal themselves in their music and when people listen to that, they unconsciously find a little piece of themselves in that person, which makes them come back and listen to his words even closer and more attentively.

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Rap music is also a way to show intelligence.

Being able to compose couplets and quatrains which rhyme with each other and at the same time sustain the essence and original meaning of your words is a rare skill in itself.

Being able to transform words into bars requires intelligence and when you get into the whole art of complex rhyming, you begin playing with those rhymes and with the placement of the words, you forget about everything and just let your intelligence run wild.


Rappers write their own lyrics. Most singers or performers of other musical styles have people writing their texts for them. How can you reveal yourself to the public and connect with them when the words that are coming from your mouth are coming from someone else’s heart? It won’t work.

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Rap Music

Rapping, as music, has it’s own distinctive and extraordinary melody.

The rhythm created by your rhyming structure and the flow purposefully laid out before hand, acting as the blueprint for the emotions coming from your lyrics, is just another layer in the art of rapping.

This is the layer which shows our creativity, our playfulness, our sense of rhythm and music. Even though we have never received any musical education and know no notes, we create something magical.


That’s why I believe rap music is the king of music in the modern era. Rap music allows people to identify with us, it shows our creativity and intelligence. We ARE the new age poets. If you know history and the level of importance poets had at the time, you know what we’re tapping into.

Our art is the most powerful way of connecting with people on a deeper level. Respect, cherish and always strive to get better at it, pushing it’s limits and magnitude to the next level until infinity.

What do you think? Is rap the best music out there?

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