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When recording your songs, it is important to have the track-out the the beat and not just the mp3 instrumental. When the engineer is mixing and doing your drops, you need to be able to isolate instruments/sounds individually. You can’t do this with just an mp3. A song will sound “OK” without the track-out, but you hinder your artistry and ability to truly get your point across. Hope this helped.

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As a rapper in an area with very little urban environment, I only find myself able to rap about what I feel and how I feel opposed to others.

I want the youth to realize that music comes from within rather that the simple vision of getting all the money in the world and having a nice car. I want the rapping community to make REAL music that appeals to everyone instead of a directed audience. I want change in the rap game PERIOD.

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Should your earnest desire is to make it in the game, there’s one thing you need to remember. NEVER refrain from investing your own money or think that as a rapper people should pay you and you shouldn’t pay anything.

Never say it’s too much. Always have a set budget.

Drop a couple of thousands on perfect recording and mixing/mastering. Better yet, invest them 2 grands in your own home studio. The point is, you have to pay at first. Big checks come eventually but they do take a while!

Never also compensate or compromise.

If you making a one minute track and mess up one word, don’t think “it’s a small track anyway it’s not worth it”! NO! Every track should be ideal and you should be 1000% satisfied with it before you put it out. When you listen to Kanye West, you say “Damn I wanna have that perfect quality”.You’ll never get it if you get bored easily and can’t stand repeating your verse for a 100 takes.

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  • Process

    Hey I’m quite new to recording so can someone please explain how to isolate the sound and instruments? What’s the benefit of doing this and what kind of file type is needed?

    • illuminati g

      You need the trackout to the beat. when the producer bounces the file as a WAV, what it does is bounces each instrument individually for the length of the song and when you load the files up into your recording software they will be on separate tracks. that way you can mute or solo them as you like.

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