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Let’s see what words of wisdom has the Rap Guild shared with us.

Stage Name: Mikel Cash

Never stop working on your craft

If your sitting around not working someone else is.

Promote your music, practice your music, eat breathe and sleep music, if you can’t do that i feel like you’re not prepared for what is to come.

Can’t Do it On Your Own

Everyone has this plan that they can take on the world by themselves and make a difference, sometimes you need guidance and help.

Music can give meaning to life. With each song there is a story. You need to create your own story, write your own book. Be original, don’t steal ideas don’t steal thoughts, use your own and be creative enough to make it interesting to yourself and the world.

No one gets handed help

Jealousy trumps any chance of you being handed promises.

Make your own destiny, take a chance and maybe you will be the one to make a difference and when someone hears your song and can relate, when you walk out onto stage and you have 20,000 to just 20 people singing your song.

That’s when you know you’ve made a difference. That’s when you know you have made it.

For me that’s the goal-to have maybe just that one kid take a look at my music and say-I wanna be like him, I wanna make music that everyone can listen to and enjoy. – Mikel Cash

Proof of Credibility

Stage Name: DJ ECHO
Contacts: Twitter Instagram

Being a DJ I have learned that you need to network with everyone, you brand and your connections are everything. Do not be afraid to show support and cross promote the people are truly there for you. Even if they arent there for you, just continue to show love and move forward. You never know who the next man/woman know.

Proof of Credibility:

*If you’d like to be one of the knowledge gurus and share your rap tips with us, feel free to click here for more information.

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