This is one of the most important aspects of writing a rap song-creating that catchy hook that never leaves people’s minds. How do you do that? Well, there are many ways and blueprints of writing a chorus, but I’ll give you just a few to get you going.

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How do you write?

First things first, it all depends on your method of writing a song.

Do you first create the verses and then summarize them with a hook, or you write the hook first and then you write the verses around it?


I personally prefer writing the verses first and then the chorus, simply because I find my song too vague and shallow, if I write around a chorus I’ve created. I like my songs having an overall concept, which is then enhanced by the actual hook. That’s my though, you can do whatever you feel right.

What’s Important?

The most important factor in a hook is to be catchy.

It might not catch the essence of the verses to the greatest extend, but if it’s catchy, you did your job. The hook is the part, which is repeated the most, so when someone mentions your song to a friend, the first thing that will come to mind will be the chorus.

Think of Eminem’s song “My name is”. What do you remember from it? Do you remember every single bar, or the chorus? What about 50 cent’s “In da club”. You think of the chorus first. That’s why it’s only job is to be catchy and memorable.

How to make it so?

One way to do is this:

1. You think of an expression which is going to be foundation of your chorus. For example “I like boobies”

2. Then, you create two different bars with that expression in them. So the bars might be like

-I like boobies, damn I love em
-I Like boobies, boobies, boobies

3. Then you write another part, which does not have that expression in it, but it’s still revolving around the same issue. This part would act as another reason to remember your chorus. The next couplet can be something like:

-They are soft, They are nice
-Squeeze em once, Squeeze em twice

4. Then you combine all of them in a structure entertainingly. You make up the structure. So, our hook might look like:

I like boobies, boobies, boobies
I like boobies, damn I love em
I like boobies, boobies, boobies
I like boobies, damn I love em

They are soft, They are nice
Squeeze em once, Squeeze em twice
I like boobies, boobies, boobies
I like boobies, damn I love em

The whole thing in this blueprint is revolved around creating a base expression, which is used in different bars. The base expression is the catchy thing, which is remembered.

Another aspect of successful hooks are the hook elements. Those elements which make it more memorable. However, I’ll do a part two on that. Stay tuned.

How do you write your hooks? Do you have a special system or you just write whatever feels right?

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  • Mexican

    its gud i lyk it

  • Royal J

    Great advice. I struggle with creating hooks and they end up being down right horrible. I tried this and it works just fine. Thank you!!

  • Jason

    Super helpful. I’m with sensi . It’s my biggest struggle to come up with hooks. I have a few catchy ones, but nothing ” pro- style ”
    Still tho, keep on keeping on, right?

  • Dmilliz

    What makes a good hook is the melody ! Find the melody to blend in with the instruments ! The melody should fit in like pieces of a puzzle ! After you found the melody then you create the words ! Usually it’s not the words that people remember but the melody! After you have found the melody and the keywords then it’s time to rifine ( if need be ) use words that will catch people and find different ways of saying the ordinary ! So Instead of saying ” I like boobies ” say
    “I like bubbles Perfectly round , I love the way they bounce but they don’t make a sound …” sometimes you gotta make people think what your talking about !
    I child might hear the song and think one thing but an adult another !

    It’s good to use unique metaphorsb and similes to create imagery as well
    Especially if your melody game is not strong ( not always neccesary )

    At the end of the day the melody must stick !

  • Hooks Furgood

    I make Hooks 1st. To me, it helps give the vibe of what the song can be when the hook is there remind you. Building a house w/o a blueprint is just a sand castle. @hooks4good

  • #dprinzgh

    still can’t get what am looking for… Oh Gosh!

  • Kid Kazarie
    Kid Kazarie

    Hooks should almost be like chant and should effortlessly flow. This can’t be struggle cause a lot of people like to craft hooks like other rap lyrics but, I would suggest is sell out for catchy and memorable. Like even though in the song “One Mic” by Nas the hook is not catchy but, very memorable with the one liner “all I need is one Mic” A hook has to impact the audience cause in a way it is the summary of your verses and even rap the most distinct lyrics of a song.

  • Sensei Doyle
    Sensei Doyle

    My biggest issue right here. I struggle like a motherfucker when it comes to writing a hook. The best hook I’ve ever written was:
    “With these slit wrists,/
    Tears flow, and balled fists,/
    The blood leaks, grit teeth,/
    No screams from my lips!”
    Which I wrote recently, for a song I’m calling “Slit Wrists”, about depression, suicide, and self harm. One of my favorite full songs which I’ve written, can’t wait to record it lol but yeah that’s the absolute best hook I can come up with and it’s leagues better than anything else I’ve written. I’m terrible with hooks. I’ve had to stop writing a lot of songs because I came to the point where I needed a hook and couldn’t write one. Has the part two of this been written yet? Lol I could definitely use some more help on hooks

    • iLegion

      And I am one to make some awesome hooks. Man, I can give you one advice. Just listen to the beat and feel it. There is only one rule for hooks – melody. It must be a good melody, doesn’t matter the rhyme scheme, doesn’t matter the repetition of words, I have a hook which doesn’t even rhyme, but when sung on the beat sounds awesome. The hook must be more melodic than the verses, repetitive sometimes, but not necessarily. Look, I’m gonna do a challenge especially for those who wanna know how to make hooks.

      • Sensei Doyle
        Sensei Doyle

        Awesome man, hopefully this helps lol and I can’t wait for that challenge

  • NorskeKiden

    I usually listen to the beat, tryna find the vibe of the beat and then write the lyrics. Then I just write the verses. But I think Imma try this one!

  • Boobie

    This shit doesn’t help at all

    • iLegion

      Why not? Did you try it out? Cuz I did and it worked just nice!

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