Today, I want to show you one very cheap and simple concept for making a music video. This is perfect for any up and coming rapper with low budget. We don’t have the luxury to spend money on lavish production sets and video producers, so this is a great alternative.

In order to illustrate the concept, let me give you one of 50 Cent’s videos as an example. 50 had a strategy of saturating the market with videos at one point and they had to be done quickly. This video shows you a concept, which is both quick and easy. Check it out

Where was it shot?

First thing you’ll realize is that the whole video is shot in one room. That’s it, one room. This is the first cost benefit of this concept. No need to rent out fancy places or organize a whole event. No extra expenses.

So, since getting the place is simple, the next thing you have to understand is how the production is being shot. Well, as you can see from this video, 50 Cent was in different locations. One frame he was sitting on the bed, the other frame he was with the girls and so on.


So how you can shoot your own video is pick one spot, then rap your whole song from there. Then pick another spot, rap the whole song from there. Do that 3-4 times, so you have enough material.

After you have that material, all you do is edit it. How do you edit it?

Well, this video doesn’t have any special effects, except for the slow motion effect, but that’s very simple to make. I will show you how to do this in the near future. How was the video edited? If frames changed by the length of each expression, the video would’ve been boring.

You can see that Elf Rivera(video director) put together three different frames for one expression. So, for example 50 starts his bar in one frame, then Elf gives you some slow motion and right at the end of the bar, you can see 50 finishing it from another location. You understand?


You can edit your video in a similar manner. Start with spitting from one place, then show a frame, where you’re spitting from another place-finishing the line. It’s very easy, yet good looking.

Something to notice is that the camera has a slow moving speed. So it’s not just stationary, but it’s either going to the left/right/up/down or zooming in on 50.

So that was the cheap and easy way to shoot your first music video!

  1. Pick a few spots
  2. Rap your full verses on each of them
  3. Pick some slow motion shots
  4. Mash it all together

Since there is less spots, increase the frame rate change. At least two changes for an expression, otherwise it might get boring.

So what do you think? Have you ever thought about your first music video? How would you shoot it?

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  • James

    So many people try to keep the process a secret, appreciate you sharing this. Check out: for a music video editing workflow that Ive used to sell to major labels. Anyone can make their own video, just takes patience, attention to detail, and not settling for mediocrity!

  • William Wade

    Very similar technique used in my video. let me know what you think!

    • William Wade

      All of this was shot for less than 20 bucks !!! connections and props

  • Beat Pad

    Finally find this simply way, ready to shoot.

  • Spencer

    Get a decent DSLR camera. Learn your camera settings (iso, f-stop and shutter speed) and learn the 3 point lighting system. Keep it simple and clean when editing. We shot this for less than $200 and used a borrowed sony NEX f3

  • Blaze(RM Veteran)

    Hey RM, do you want me to write something up on the planning/pre-production phase? I’m currently studying Level 3 media in college and I think I could share a few helpful things that go on in planning, aka, scripts, storyboarding, camera techniques, location recces etc. It could help people with getting the best out of their music video, could turn it into an article potentially?

    • RappingManual

      That would be great man! Feel free to submit it here- If you don’t like to share any songs, just write N/A. I’ll format it and publish it with your name at the bottom.

      • Blaze(RM Veteran)

        Cool man, just give me a few days to bust it out and i’ll have it for you. And sadly no songs to share at the moment, Its what I’ll be working on later in the summer. I’m kind of the no chorus, straight rhyming kind of person, so expect that when I do drop a tune sometime

        • denise

          Hey Blaze. Would love to get some info from you if you’re willing to share. Thinking of doing our own video. I’m a photographer but have no idea about video production, etc. Thanks!

  • D.Ray

    I was lookin to have a video shoot for low price. Somebody email info please.

  • Francky Desravines

    I shoot music videos. Check out my youtube

    • 2tang

      I would like to work with you can you give me a price how much do you charge

  • benardict

    Am learnin how to hold. A camera I lights do a good job

  • blaze

    yeah my mate who goes by the name ‘Dutty Bill’ shot the entire music video for ‘making a living’ in what i believe was his bedroom after just trashing it up a bit and candles on his desk which he is writing his rhymes on. its a pretty good tune and the music videos pretty good as well. good article mate

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