This article will introduce you the next level of rapping.

Dynamic Flow
Dynamic flow is when you tailor the lyrical content, cadence and the delivery to the specific instrumental period. Most rappers just write on a melody, without tuning in with the specific instrumental. If you can imagine it, image the rapping and the melody as two separate things. Two separate entities. Having a dynamic flow, allows you to enter the instrumental and to become one with it. This way, you make the song complete. Your voice becomes just another layer of the instrumental.


The way to do this, is to first explore the instrumental. Learn its every twist, every melody change, every time a new element gets introduced, when the tone of the main element gets higher, what makes the chorus different than the actual verse period, what is the progression of the quatrains within a verse, verse to verse, chorus to chorus and so on. You have to know that the instrumental is like a living being. It's born with the intro and it dies with the outro. Everything in the middle is its life. Get familiar with it.

If you want an analogy, think of having a relationship with another person. You have to know what makes them tick, in order for you to be good friends and respect each other. If you want to have a good relationship with your girlfriend, you have to know what is she about, so you can live in a balanced way. It's the same thing with an instrumental.


Once you get familiar with it, you design your rapping in a way, which matches the life of the instrumental. When the melody gets darker for a moment, you get darker for a moment, you understand? And I'm not just talking about the lyrical part. Your flow, your rhyme schemes, the tonne of your voice. Be one with the melody and see magic happening.

Of course, that's very easy to explain, but the actual work, requires alot of knowledge and expertise, in order to pull it off perfectly. That's why I'm confident in giving you that kind of information. All of you might read it, just a few might understand it, 20% of those might actually try it and 1% will master it.

Have fun learning, wish you all success. How to Rap

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  • alpha male

    I wanna master it but where do i start

  • alpha male

    I wanna master it but where do i start

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