Have you ever wondered why your flow doesn't sound as good as the industry standard? It might seem like the industry rappers are on the next level because the vast majority of them are using the technique which we're about to unveil to you right now. The trick is to:

Create the Skeleton First, Then Fill in the Lyrics

This is a tested and proved method for producing lyrics that are melodic and pleasant to listen to, due to their clear underlying rhyme structure. Among the most popular rappers that are utilizing this method of writing are Snoop Dogg, DMX and Eminem. They all create the skeleton first and then fill in the lyrics. Let's delve deeper into it.


Build the Skeleton First

You have to understand that words are sounds and the way you use the rhyme words in your bar determines the way your flow goes. The actual flow of your rapping is the melody made by the succession of the words within that bar, so by consciously placing sounds on certain places, you get to modulate the flow.

The Steps to Consciously Create Your Flow

The first thing you need to do is make the skeleton of rhyme schemes. Do the structure for one verse and then fill it up with lyrics, which match the skeleton's structure. This way, you'll know how your flow will sound before you actually fill in the words.

This means that you can divide it into quatrains-4 quatrains. So you create a rhyme scheme for the first quatrain, then fill it with words. Then create a rhyme scheme for the second quatrain, then fill it with words and so on.

better flow

Create Your Own Flow

This will give you great freedom, as you can now choose how you can flow. You can choose the intensity of the melody and the frequency of rhymes.

A lot of people write lyrics with the other approach. They just sit down, start from bar one and make up the flow as they go. This is an alternative of course and by all means, if you feel most comfortable with this approach, use it.

Creating the skeleton first is a method, worth trying. The benefits are enormous and some of you might find that it allows you to be more creative and expressive.

What do you think of that approach? Do you think that there is any other method of writing, which is perhaps much better? What is it?

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  • Marshallmatters

    I just like mixin n matchin my words, or even herd words in to sheep like word blurts. That made no sense but it rhymed. Your words sound like that every time. Not sure what rhymezone means but I rap better than a seamstress sews seams. It’s been a while since my last “simple” freestyle/ so here goes nothing, hold on lemme turn down that burn dial.
    This ones called “suck a dick”
    Suck a dick motherfucker you wanna be like me/ never met anyone who didn’t believe/ that skill trumps smack talk every time you’ll see/ wrangle up the beats cause I wear blue jeans/ theres something about me is your mind at ease? I’d wanna know something about the guy who pleased/ my own girlfriend, way better than me/ I’m allergic to losing can I get a tissue please? Left the burn dial up/ lied through my teeth. Here comes my rhymes, my sword has been unsheathed.
    Switch up now, and Im always lit up now, and I know you don’t see how, I came across this style, now I’ve got your name on file, for the next time I “turn down” that burn dial.

  • Trevyn

    I don’t understand skeleton format can someone break it down for me

    • Zero SiX [SickSiX]
      Zero SiX [SickSiX]
      Rank: RM Soldier

      I’d suggest reading the article over and over again while taking notes. it pretty much explains the topic well.

    • Lord Puente (RM Veteran)
      Lord Puente (RM Veteran)
      Rank: RM General

      Represent rhymes with either digits or letters. And if the syllable is not rhyming then put a -.
      I’m busting out rhymes, while you snorting these lines,/
      1 represents the words rhymes and lines
      The – represents non rhyming syllables
      Pack the gats and let em blast at these fools,/
      Im the king of the ring laying down all these rules,/
      1=pack, gats, blast
      2=fools, rules
      3=King, ring
      Now what this article is saying, is to make a rhyme scheme you want first. If you want take one of the examples I just did and just put new sentences and different rhymes in place to match the skeleton/rhyme placements.

      • iLegion
        Rank: RM General

        I find that very informative mr. vet! Thanks ๐Ÿ˜€

    • iLegion
      Rank: RM General

      You watched that video? Look, bro, you basically play a beat, and invent a melody for it. For example imagine the Rocky theme. It’s a type of melody. Try to sing it using Ta, ram, tam, da, ba, dum or any other meaningless blabbery, BUT USE THE MELODY. This is how you create the rhyme scheme.
      Ta-da-dam-da, ta-da-dam-dam, ta-da!
      Have I told you I am blindfolded? Haven’t!
      and so on and so on.

  • Marshall matters

    Actually I’m not done with your fake ass sack of shitty black wack lyrics son/ I’ve been dropping gold lyrics ever since I learned to write/ my future is bright/ bright enough to light up the night/ I’m posting some more, to make things right/ because you got me all wrong/ and no not because I moved your moms thong with this giant dong, hitting it harder than the Chinese hit gongs/ I just gotta love for rappin, makin you look like crap an, moppin the floor with your low end word flashin/ you see to be like me one must possess skills of ancient rap beings/ i just start to see things, words put together that will hit you like bee stings/ you say i’m a wannabe but how can that be when the only thing i wanna be is me?/ im unique in my rhymes and this is the 3rd time i’ve murdered your lines with these lyrics that are all mine/ this word play is unheard of if I may?/ I’m sure you’ve got some words to play but we aren’t friends and ever since that one post, way back when/ I chose to rip you apart like a fox in a chicken pen/ I’ve got something to prove and now that I’m in my groove you can type back, but I think it’s best you just move/ I don’t lose mr too cool for school/ you can sit there and drool/ over these insults I made up just for you/ or you can respect someone for once in your life/ before that person ends up fuckin your wife/ she says “sorry his dick just made my night”/ now everyone off my dick/ my dick being this shit I just typed/ step to me and you’ll all get wiped, like an apocalyptic bright light/ bright enough to light up the night. And you fucking know I’m right. You think I’m joking? Try me and I just might.

    • kdot

      dude you stink asf your raps are lame pls get eminem off your name.

      • Marshall matters

        No time for haters, Roll away like skaters. Is that all you do? Criticize and try to bring down someone who, just like you, wants to express themselves through this rap tool? Marshall’s my real name and I don’t think I bring Eminem to shame. I think he’d respect the architect behind this dialect that rips the same game. Treat me bad I’ll treat you worse, hurts more and more with each verse. Your life might as well be cursed. You see it’s all about delivery and if you can’t flow with me then your mind is just weak, I’m sorry. Cant nobody put lines together like these. Constructive criticism please. The words keep comin, your mouths keep runnin, I shine bright like sun in, even though you shunnin, the fact that I’m nuttin, all on this page while at the same time pushin all your guys buttons. Now isn’t that somethin.

  • Marshall Matters

    Damn I had a whole smack typed out but then accidentally backed out/ lame wannabe rapper? I just got off the crapper dropping turds betta than you? Wanna talk school too? My diction is nonfiction so quit the bitchin/ you can’t recreate this so keep listenin/ if you can’t pick up the flow I suggest you hit the books then/ I’m not in to rapin I think your mistaken/ I just had to be honest about what you were takin/ so quit makin, all these accusations/ fuck I deleted my shit again, guess I’m an idiot then/ I’ll just go off the dome till you decide to go home/ or when you realize you can’t compete with this MC/ just wait and see, you’ll prolly pee/ when you witness me/ go to town on this clown because you know he just sittin around, trying to decipher/ like wtf is his sound?/im a fuckin sound hound or a pitcher up on the mound/ throwin strikes all day because theres no other way/ to teach you this lesson that you wont soon forget and, give you a taste of skills from some other land/ or really from a different planet/ I think I landed/ bout a hundred years ago with one mission a go/ “Marshall, you’ve got to show these mo fo’s your flows are absolute gold in the face of their own”/ you can’t teach this and yes I do mean this/ resurrect old lyrics just call me Jesus/ you’re best lyrics couldn’t reach this/ I mean shit did I just type this?/ you see I am above you but I still love you/ because I miss it/ I miss the feeling of wieldin this lyrical weapon/ best get to steppin before I open up fire with these words, I’m not messing/ real recognize real but you ain’t real/ that’s why you feel like you betta than me, but as you see I’m more free with my speech/ freak with the beats put asses in the seats/ few can compete with my lyric sheet/ skeet skeet sweet meat beat all on your girls sheets/ she’s real neat, cleans up for me, sweep sweep/ just sit down and respect what I write down you lyrical clown/ tryin to take my crown bitch i’m fucking deep underground and I don’t fucking mess around/ I have a passion for rappin so quit actin like you’re on my level of craftin/

    • Obama

      Lay off the rhymezone kid an mc will eat you alive, posting shit on the internet won’t get you signed i could point out over 100 people that could do better than what you wrote in a simple freestyle

      • Anonymous

        Simple rhymes a.k.a. simple minds. I’m not a simple guy, so why should I, try to dumb down my rhymes for all you slow guys? No time for obvious lines, that a child would find perfectly fine. Fuck what you think, I can’t even see you, eyes squinted like chinks. Focused on me, and nothing else, kapeesh?

  • Deshi=MAN-DEE da rhyma

    Mmh!Das a gud idea by creating a skeleton n right now m about to do it

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