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  • The Lyrical Bar Fight-The Wrath (797)
    • User AvatarNo-ID { NIggas Think the shit the shit they spit gifted, ill take your lyric and twist it, take your fist and stick shift the boy is... } – Feb 10, 8:27 AM
  • Rap Challenge-2 Bars of Gold (59)
    • User AvatarChris Waite { Gotta say that since I found rapping manual, I found its very useful. Gives good advice and makes some good challenges too. Motivational, and inspirational.... } – Feb 10, 7:20 AM
    • User AvatarZERO { Don't try to screw me, i aint wearing batman's cape, Rap's man of steel, i'll leave ya in a state worst than rape. } – Feb 10, 12:58 AM
    • User AvatarZERO { if punchlines got colors mine will be white and blue, Just a hit and you'll be old school like tha' blues } – Feb 10, 12:55 AM
  • Rap Challenge - Use of Alliteration (8)
    • Free-D (RM Veteran)Free-D { The Lord left me latently in loneliness a little lately/ Literally lurking illusions that are laid deep/ Down in my dazzling temple, totally I tend... } – Feb 09, 9:26 PM
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